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Deliver ecommerce-like interaction and innovative super powers to your brick and mortar business.  The customer’s phone works as the identifier through BLE, granting a strict-proximity engagement through a 2’x2’ zone for a full host of applications, like point of sale or in-aisle recognition.  The client’s phone simply needs to be on in the background for Simpello to personalize each interaction for that customer without user interaction with the phone.  This guarantees a stellar ROI for you, the merchant, and an overall streamlined, personalized experience for your customers.

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Simpello empowers you to expedite  limitless engagement opportunities, whether you’re pumping gas or in an aisle searching for information on merchandise.  It can power kiosks to ticketing systems.  These dev (?) kits are designed to integrate Simpello with your systems to envision how this frictionless product will respond to your business needs and unlock next-gen experiences for your customers.  Finally, instead of cumbersome RFID tags or holding the phone up to a device, you can thrill your customers with hands-free capabilities that allow them to keep their devices safely out of sight.

Throughput Based Packages

We offer many packages that are mostly based on throughput. Performance-based pricing enables you to pay only for the amount of performance that is actually delivered.

Products & Services



Developer Portal Access

Access instructions, documentation, tools and files to get up and running with our hardware and software quickly and easily.



Simpello's APIs Access

Access to our mobile APIs (used in the mobile SDK), partner APIs (for sessions, transactions, etc), and admin APIs (for setup and admin tasks).  



Mobile SDK for existing apps

Quick start with code snippets and device permissions setup, sample apps ready to build and run, examples of custom transactions, and iOS and Android requirements.


Business Device SDK

Works with IOS, Android and Windows devices equipped with a camera and bluetooth capability.



Business Hardware Application

Simpello’s intel OpenVino™ integration enables hardware devices with embedded applications to utilize the frictionless experience of biometric authentication without storing any biometric data of people in a database.




Inside the developer portal, you’ll be able to contact our dev team with support questions and for help troubleshooting.



24/7 business device monitoring

Unattended business devices can me monitored 24/7.  Insuring the best customer experience.

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