Simpello announces pre-order of StrictID Developer Kits (shipping Spring’19)

As part of our inaugural attendance at CES 2019, Simpello showcased StrictID, its latest proximity enablement solution. Building on a history of unlocking frictionless experiences within the hospitality market, the unveiling of StrictID enables retail, event and corporate solution providers to unlock a personalized customer experience at each point of interaction.

The Problem We Help Solve

With device in hand, customers continue to fumble through identifying themselves at counters, kiosks and events. Simpello picks up where the utility of a membership card, barcode-enabled app or iBeacon have failed to enrich these interactions. Deliver a frictionless and personalized interaction to each customer with StrictID. From the moment a customer approaches their name, preferences and purchase history can be leveraged to provide a richer experience.

How We Do It

StrictID marries a patented proximity sensor, mobile SDK’s and Cloud Service to deliver a richer customer experience without requiring the customer to pull out and interact with their device. Simpello has redefined what a ‘Handsfree’ interaction looks like. Greet your customers by name and show them value at every interaction.

Get Ready

Delivering a premium experience to your customers just got easier. The StrictID Developer Kit will begin shipping in the Spring of 2019 and include the latest Sensor kit, Mobile SDK and Developer API access. Designed with developers and solution providers in mind, we’re excited to learn which experiences brands and retailers will unlock with precise access, powered by Simpello. Accelerate your vision of what’s possible and rapidly pilot what a truly hands-free experience could mean to your customers.

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