Simpello Announces Partnership with Regency Hotel Management

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Indianapolis, Indiana (December 7, 2022) – Simpello is pleased to announce its partnership with Regency Hotel Management, a hospitality industry leader specializing in managing properties in the Upper Midwest.  Through this partnership, Simpello’s privacy-protecting decentralized data management technology will be launched at multiple properties managed by Regency, providing guests with a simple and secure frictionless biometric check-in option.

Simpello founder and CEO Ben Robertson said, “We are excited to introduce a revolutionary product in our company that highly protects the guest’s biometrics—the first-ever decentralized platform that doesn’t store Personal Identifiable Information (PII) anywhere in the cloud. It’s a huge accomplishment for our team and our first of many steps to safeguard the data structure for humanity.  The actual function is smart check-in, the ability to register in a matter of seconds. It works like magic while protecting our travelers.”

Simpello’s technology delivers increased efficiency for the hotel staff and added convenience and security for guests, setting up a win-win situation.  Regency Hotel Management CEO Tom Biegler explained that for one of their hotels to “have someone bypass the front desk if they choose to do that—if they want to interact, we’ve got front desk personnel there—but for someone to be able to go through their entire stay as seamlessly as they possibly can and with as much or as little interaction as possible and still all the while feel like their safety and security is paramount by the processes that are in place, it’s a win for all of us, including our customers.”

Implementing this kind of technology reflects Regency’s keen understanding of the wants and needs of their guests. A recent article by Hotel Business noted that almost three-quarters of guests surveyed wanted to use their mobile devices for self-service functions, including check-in and check-out.  Most travelers surveyed still want hotel staff to be available, but feel technology-enabled self-service is a valuable supplement to helpful front desk personnel.

By partnering with Simpello, Regency is keeping up with their guests’ expectations while also taking extra measures to protect guests’ personal information. Simpello’s unique data decentralization product ensures that every guest’s biometric and personal data is stored securely within their mobile device and is never required to be stored in a central database. The launch of this product through the Simpello–Regency partnership represents a major milestone in the industry by demonstrating that preserving data privacy can be accomplished without compromising user experience.

About Simpello:  Founded in 2008, Simpello is a pioneer in decentralized data management and proximity technology.  Through our partnerships around the world, we are using our technology decentralization to protect consumers’ privacy and simplify their lives. Learn more at

About Regency Hotel Management: At Regency Hotel Management, hospitality is who we are—and what we do best.  Since 1965, we’ve been leaders in driving maximum profit while creating asset value for clients. Our team of hotel management experts provides thoughtful, hands-on guidance inspired by years of professional experience. Learn more at

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