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Say hello to reusable identity & decentralized data.

Whatever you do, powered by simpello provides reusable identity.

Reusable identity refers to the ability to use a single set of credentials to access multiple systems and/or services. Rather than needing to remember and manage multiple sets of login information, a user is able to utilize the same set of credentials to authenticate their identity across multiple systems and/or platforms. This enables users to access a wide range of services, while also improving security and ensuring privacy by reducing the risk of compromised passwords and other forms of identity theft.


Rigorous User
Experience Design

Access instructions, documentation, tools and files to get up and running with our software quickly and easily.



Designing an integrated product requires new organizational competencies.  Simpello creates a customized plan for gaining alignment, securing resources, and advising key executives on the path forward.


Business Devise SDK for Unattended Applications

Enable frictionless experiences for your unattended applications with our simple SDK installation.  Leverage the power of biometric and proximity technology in your application while ensuring 100% data privacy for your users.  Works with IOS, Android, and Windows devices equipped with camera and bluetooth capabilities.



Our decentralized platform doesn’t house the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in the Apple icloud.  Instead, we enable our user’s devices to reserve their data and automatically share it when and where they choose.

Technology is getting in the way of being human.

We’re in the business of supporting good business. Through Simpello, we deliver surprisingly simple experiences for guests and staff that couples proximity innovation with just-in-time data delivery, enabling a richer experience. By leveraging mobile proximity technology, this empowers you to give better attention to your business practices, provide unlimited interactions to your consumers, and choose the best technology for ensuring high capacity efficiency. Distinct simplicity, rooted by industry excellence.


Good for you, good for your city.

Our cities are our beloved homes and we work hard to ensure our cities are safe and communal.  Why are we using sluggish, outdated technology that interrupts relationships, causes identity theft, and ultimately is in serious risk of being circumvented?  With Simpello, communication and harmony between consumer and attendance are undisturbed by technology.  As dedicated team players, we will advocate for you and your business, and will enable you to become a participant for a better, healthier, and more mindful word.  After all, customization is where it counts, and the data is in the details. 


Comprehensive, Client- Centric Approach

What if you could adopt a technology service that improves your brand’s personality and enhances your client base?  Businesses that embrace innovative technological practices boost their brand recognition and loyalty.  Simpello offers a streamlined and comprehensive client-centered approach for your business unlike any other resource in the twenty-first century retail market.  Discover how truly intentional business owners (entrepeneurs?) use Simpello.

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