Bringing Reusable Identity To Your Platform

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Enabling people's device to hold their data and automatically share it when and where they choose.

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Simple SDK installation

Enable frictionless experiences for your unattended applications with our simple SDK installation. Leverage the power of biometric technology in your application while ensuring 100% data integrity and privacy for your user. Works with IOS, Android and Windows devices equipped with a camera and bluetooth capabilities.


Empowers a Personal Experience

Since Simpello allows you to recognize your guests as they enter, you can now greet your guests by name at the start of each transaction. Don't wait until the end to connect. Start with a better hello!


Reduces Fundamental Risk

Completely eliminate the need of repeat onboarding processes that result in centralized databases filled with personal data.


Decentralized Data

Data is instead decentralized into the individual's device which enables its user to share it when and where they choose.

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We offer the ability for Level One data to remain with the consumer. Allowing them to share data when and where it's needed, alleviates most of your PII liability.


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